The wedgeview

The Wedgeview is a 4-unit residential building located across from the street from Tacoma’s Historic Wedge neighborhood. The building will sit on a section of 6th Avenue where large empty parking lots, blank warehouses and empty property make walking through this area not very attractive.

The Wedgeview will bring people and activity back to the street. Since the site does not connect to an alley, we’re working with our neighbors to share their access to the alley that will provide more landscaped area for residents and a more active pedestrian walking experience. The building is designed as townhouse-style apartments with an open plan living space on the ground level and two bedrooms upstairs.  The living space connects directly to the outdoor landscaped yard with large windows and doors.  The corner unit, the only 3 story unit in the project, will feature our home office, living space, a 3 room Inn and a private, top-floor suite. Parking is neatly tucked under the building in a “daylight basement” fashion.

The Wedgeview project is the second design-build project in Tacoma for WC STUDIO.  We plan to move ourselves into it one it’s complete and be a positive influence on this area.