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Architect, LEED




Architect, LEED



WC STUDIO is an adventurous architecture agency engaged in all aspects of design, construction, and project development. 

Led by architects Cady Chintis and John Wolters, our studio specializes in exciting custom homes, multi-family developments, apartment buildings, and work place design. Our team particularly excels at creative solutions for urban infill sites in Seattle and Tacoma though we work on projects in a range of locations throughout the Puget Sound region and Pacific Northwest. 

Central to our practice is the belief that imaginative and well-crafted architecture makes people feel uplifted, nurtures creativity, and provides an environment where people and communities thrive. We love collaborating with clients who share our mission to realize exciting and resource-efficient buildings that delight their occupants and enhance their communities.

Our design process involves a three-sided approach to high-performance building design:


In addition to visual appeal from all sides (including the roof!), we design buildings and spaces that perform for all the senses, that feel good to be in and around. Maximum comfort is achieved through the choreography of views, sounds, textures, colors, air flow, natural light, connections to the outdoors, and relationships to the surrounding environment be that a landscape or neighborhood.


Achieving a Net Zero Energy Building or Passive House certification may not be a top priority for every project. However, this science-proven approach to minimize a building’s environmental impact is integrated into our design process because of the measurable comfort and health benefits. While some green features or materials do cost more initially, there are many sustainable building strategies such as proper solar orientation that substantially reduce energy demand with little to no increase in up-front costs. 


Exciting buildings stand out in the market, adding value in the form of higher rents, fast lease-up, and reduced vacancy. Durable and energy efficient buildings have reduced operation and maintenance costs. In short, well-designed homes and businesses with measurable health and energy benefits are places people love to be. While the economic performance of a custom home will be measured differently than a multifamily or mixed use project, we understand that all projects must be executed within the financial constraints of the project budget or pro forma.


As architects with on-the-ground building and development experience, we are able to stretch project budgets further by understanding construction process efficiencies and the budget impacts of early design decisions. During construction, our eyes on the jobsite help protect the long term value of our client’s investment by ensuring the details for the durable and energy-efficient design are executed to perform.