Rapha Festive 500 WINNERS


Every December, Rapha issues a challenge to help cyclists all over the world kick start their winter riding routines. Those able to log the required 500 kilometers in just 8 days, December 24th through 31st, will receive a commemorative Festive 500 roundel. In 2015, WC STUDIO was selected for the top prize, a Rocket Giotto espresso machine, based on submitting our story about our rides with hand drawn maps.


The Festive 500 mapping project started as an idea at WC STUDIO to make hand drawn cycling routes for cities around the U.S.  The maps were also a way for us to rediscover our city.  Both being Architects, our eyes are always keen to find decaying ruins, overlooked green spaces and contemporary buildings all the while keeping our bearings in relation to Lake Michigan.  Some of our routes were well known (Wolf Lake and Lemont) while others were undiscovered territory (Barrington Hills).  We used social media to spread the word about our project and were able to meet new friends TenspeedHero while receiving tips from others for new routes. 


Popular lake front route along the waterfront of Chicago and then down to Indiana


This is a crowd favorite out to Waterfall Glen


This was a new ride for the group that many had not done before but the payoff was rolling hills and Paydays

See our next mapping project from Tuscon, AZ. We spent a week riding through the Sonoran Desert, up Mt. Lemmon all the while recording the bits of information that will go into our first online and print resource for hand drawn cycling maps.

John Wolters