Tucson hand drawn cycling route maps

We went to Tucson for a week of winter cycling and to escape the cold Chicago weather.  It was our first time riding in Tucson and the first day we headed for the famous Mt. Lemmon, 26 miles of “Up.” It is a beautiful ride with a surprisingly steady ascent…meaning no brakes on the descent.  Over the course of the week we did this ride 3 times and seemed to never get bored of it.  

Mt. Lemmon

We also drove to the Arizona town of Patagonia for a ride in the Coronado National Forest with Mt. Wrightson in the distance. This was a beautiful ride with a few glimpses of the U.S. – Mexico border. 


On Saturday morning we rode into town to join “The Shootout”, a race-pace ride often attended by local professional riders getting their winter training in before their season starts. The Shootout starts out slow until it’s not anymore… and once the road opens up it’s about 1.5 hours of going as fast as you possibly can to just stay in the group. We’re hoping to get back to Tucson soon for some more riding and to escape the winter weather.

The Shootout

Cady Chintis