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Architect, LEED



Architect, LEED

WC STUDIO is an adventurous architecture agency engaged in all aspects of design, construction, and project development. Our primary interest is the realization of forward-looking projects with an emphasis on strategy over style, resulting in contemporary buildings that respond to their surroundings in a thoughtful way, minimize their ecological footprint most appropriately for their situation, and elevate the daily experience of their inhabitants and communities.

Founded in Seattle in 2014 by partners John Wolters and Cady Chintis, WC STUDIO is now based in Tacoma, with projects throughout the Pacific Northwest region and beyond. Our team’s portfolio includes single and multi-family homes, senior and affordable housing, and residential, retail, and workplace interiors.

As an architect-developer, WC STUDIO is uniquely positioned to help our clients realize their project’s full potential because we balance experiential and functional considerations as we work to maximize the opportunities each site has to offer while creatively addressing its challenges and constraints.

By overseeing the construction of our self-initiated development projects, we deepen our understanding of construction process efficiencies, freeing up funds for additional design elements and higher quality materials that ultimately enhance the value of the finished project.

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