ainsworth APARTMENTS

Tacoma, WA

A familiar typology repackaged for a compact infill site, the Ainsworth Apartments combines desirable qualities of a garden-style apartment building, such as affordability and access to the outdoors, with the advantages of a walkable neighborhood and density to support urban amenities.

Flipping the script on suburban complexes with swaths of surface parking, we worked with the site’s topography to stow parking for bicycles and vehicles in a naturally ventilated garage beneath three levels of apartments.

Thirteen new dwelling units will provide compact housing options in the form of studios, open and lofted one-bedrooms, and a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of the street-facing stack.

Taking full advantage of the Pacific Northwest’s mild climate, building circulation is celebrated on the exterior rather than buried within the structure. Simply by coming and going, fresh air and exercise become an integral part of residents’ routine. Opportunities to soak up sunshine on the south-facing terrace or listen to the patter of rain from the stairwell balconies encourage lingering outdoors and encounters between neighbors.

Construction of the Ainsworth Apartments is slated to get rolling in 2019, and we are looking forward to keeping close tabs on the progress from the new WC STUDIO HQ right next door.


A south facing courtyard provides a shared outdoor space for the 13 residents


An accessible ramp connects the vehicle and bicycle parking garage with the courtyard and apartment entries

Two stairs, highlighted in blue, connect 13 apartments to the shared courtyard